Faith and Life - Family Guide Volume 2 ebook (360 day access)

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The Family Guide Volume 2 for Grades 5-8 is an attractive four color volume that engages parents weekly in the faith formation of their children. This wonderful tool provides parents with the information and format they need to sit down and pray, review and apply the main points of the Faith and Life Student Textbook week's lessons with their children. The Faith and Life Family Guide will not only engage parents in the religious formation of their children, but help parents deepen their own faith and understanding as they review the weekly lesson together with their children.

Children use the Student Textbook and Activity Book in class or at home. The parent uses the Family Guide to review the main points of each chapter in the Student Textbook with the child.

This is an EdTech Digital edition product. Page Count: 272 Item # 3BFGE Rental duration : 360 days

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